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Professional Legal Network is a Professional Legal Debt Settlement Network Firm offering 100% Attorney Based Legal Settlements. Settle your UNSECURED Debt for MUCH less and regain your financial freedom. Specializing in settling unsecured debt over $10,000 only an attorney can legally stop harassing phone calls and letters. Our legal strategies have helped thousands remove the burden of unsecured debt.

Debt settlement involves negotiating with the credit card companies to reduce the total amount of debt that is owed. It is a fairly aggressive approach to credit card debt relief, with some of the advantages being that most consumers are able to significantly lower the amount they owe and, instead of taking up to 20 years or more to pay off the balance, through a traditional debt settlement program they can become debt free in as little as a year. A legal debt settlement client will immediately notice a substantial reduction in their monthly payments compared to what their minimum monthly (usually interest only) payment was with the credit card companies. Legal debt settlement is an excellent debt relief solution for consumers who are in serious credit card debt (usually greater than $10K) and are unable or only able to make the minimum monthly payment and/or have already fallen behind.

How it works (Step by Step)

Professional Legal Network can help you by assisting with creditor calls, reduce credit card debt, lowering the amount of your personal loans, and more. With our legal help you can revise your existing debts to avoid bankruptcy. You will also satisfy your creditors within your budget using a structured Debt Settlement plan.

Step 1: Obtain your Free Quote from a Professional Legal Network Legal Debt Settlement Consultant by filling out our request form for an immediate consultation. Your consultant will assess your financial circumstances and will determine whether you are a candidate for one of Professional Legal Network s debt negotiation program.

Step 2: Once accepted into the program, your will be referred to one of our Debt Settlement Attorneys, who will help you collect the information and documentation we need in order to assist you. Your debt settlement attorney will help you determine an affordable monthly payment, which, after fees, will be put into your own personal, Special Purpose Account, to be set aside for debt settlement purposes.

Step 3: Your Debt Settlement Attorney will assist you in reducing creditor harassment, provide debt consolidation advice, and settle your debts for a lesser amount than you currently owe.

Step 4: Once our Debt Negotiators receive an acceptable, written debt settlement offer from your creditor, we will then send funds from your Special Purpose Account to pay off your creditor. You will then receive written confirmation from your creditor, documenting that your debt has been paid in full. We will repeat this process until all of your creditors have been paid.

Step 5: Once you are free of all debts Professional Legal Network will provide you with advice on remaining debt-free, improving your credit rating and building a financially secure future. We will also pay for the first three cycles of your credit restoration upon completion of the program.

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