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Professional Legal Network – Business Law Experts

Professional legal network is definitely a well-known leader focusing on business laws transactions and litigation. Elementary to their practice are the acquisition and also disposition of every conceivable type of asset, including raw land, commercial, retail store, workplace, industrial, master-planned residential, multifamily, mixed-use, health-care, senior housing, hotel, resort, timeshare, and golf course projects. Their legal representatives also have substantial experience with difficult or contaminated sites and properties destined for redevelopment and re-use, including military-base and industrial conversions.

According to attorney alliance union, legal threats to your company can arise when you least expect it. A competitor or colleague could act in breach of contract, appropriate your idea or unique technology, interfere with your intellectual property rights, or resort to unfair trade practices that undermine your efforts.

You have to take measures to cover against these types of risks to your business, fend them off as and when they arise and be prepared to take fast remedial steps when, despite all prophylactic efforts, damage control and counter measures are required.

Professional Legal Network assisting people in Employment Law Issues

Professional Legal Network represents both employees and employers throughout California and the country in areas such as –

Sexual harassment
Wage and hour disputes
Employee benefits
Whistleblower litigation
Wrongful termination
Employment contracts
Americans with Disabilities Act
Family Medical Leave Act
Worker adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
Administrative claims filed with EEOC
Federal Employer’s Liability Act
Occupational Safety and Health Act
Special laws governing municipal employment

Class Action Lawsuits –

Professional Legal Network has also represented clients in class action lawsuits, including both employees bringing suit and employers defending against them. Professional Legal Network lawyers can also advise your company on how to reduce your risk of being sued.

Wrongful Termination –

If you are an employee and believe you have a valid claim against your employer then Professional Legal Network’s consultation can help you. Examples of valid claims may include violation of an employment contract or termination proceedings outlined in an employee handbook, or discrimination based on race, age, disability, sexual preference, national origin, or pregnancy.

Wage and Hour Disputes –

On the job, numerous disputes arise over wages, overtime, breaks, job classifications, commissions, waiting time penalties, and the like. Professional Legal Network attorneys represent both employees and employers to resolve such disputes.

Professional Legal Network assists employers with all aspects of the employment relationship. Their highly experienced attorneys provide counsel proactively; structure and document the employment relationship; facilitate compliance with labor, employment, and employee benefit laws; structure and maintain employee benefit programs; deal with unions and their issues; and represent employers in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, federal and state administrative agency proceedings, and in litigation in federal and state trial and appellate courts.

Such legal networks represent industry employer groups and contractors in the construction industry, multi-employer employee benefit trust funds and their fiduciaries, and individual employers in the real estate, entertainment, service, and non-profit industries.

Labor and employment consultation focus on the issues and provide full service, from counseling and strategic and preventive planning to preparation of all appropriate agreements, policies, forms, and other documents, to negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation

To find out more regarding professional legal networks, go to – http://www.legalnetwork.cc

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