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Professional legal network is definitely an acknowledged leader specializing in business laws transactions and litigation. Standard to their practice are the acquisition and also disposition of every conceivable form of asset, including raw land, commercial, retail industry, place of work, industrial, master-planned residential, multifamily, mixed-use, health-care, senior housing, hotel, resort, timeshare, and golf course projects. Their legal representatives likewise have substantial experience with stressed or contaminated sites and properties destined for redevelopment and re-use, including military-base and industrial conversions.

According to attorney alliance union, legal threats to your company can arise when you least expect it. A competitor or colleague could act in breach of contract, appropriate your idea or unique technology, interfere with your intellectual property rights, or resort to unfair trade practices that undermine your efforts.

You must take steps to secure against these types of hazards to your business, fight them off as and when they occur and be prepared to take fast remedial steps when, despite all prophylactic efforts, damage control and counter measures are required.

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Professional legal network is actually working in the area of assisting folks to get over the issues included in the bankruptcy. Professional legal network is really an accepted leader in the area of bankruptcy support. Professional legal network assists their clients in making a new beginning. With their experienced legal team, they have helped countless individuals to get out from under crushing debt in filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Professional legal network have introduced their enlargement in the area of bankruptcy counselling. With this improvement, their lawyers will provide extensive legal professional services for all components of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are a legal action that can release a person from debt that they have simply no hope of paying off.

If you are facing extreme financial troubles, it is crucial that you contact professional legal networks to assist you in making a fresh start. Their experienced legal team has helped countless individuals get out from under crushing debt in filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Before filing for Chapter 7, an individual must qualify. As the individual is completely released from a large portion of their debt, the law is strict regarding who can and cannot file for Chapter 7. In order to determine whether you qualify for this type of bankruptcy, the government requires that you take a “means test”.

This test is actually a full accounting of all of your assets and liabilities, bank accounts, properties and any other financial information. At Professional Legal Network, a bankruptcy lawyer can assist you in determining whether you will qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, either in person or over the phone.

An expert lawyer from professional legal network says, “If anyone is considering filing for bankruptcy, it is critical that you proceed carefully and correctly. Some individuals have taken the means test and do not fully understand how to fill it out, and are denied the option of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. At Professional Legal Network, a bankruptcy lawyer will help you to determine if you qualify for Chapter 7, and to file all the necessary paperwork. The process is complex and extensive, and it is invaluable to have legal assistance when dealing with any bankruptcy filing.”

At professional legal networks, the legal team has helped countless business get back on the road to recovery. Not all bankruptcy attorneys are alike or even have the experience and skill required in solving your business debt problems. The legal team at the firm carefully selects a certain number of clients to represent, so that the caseload is not so large that there is no personal service provided to the client. Each client will have the attention and respect that they deserve. A personal and thorough evaluation of your situation will be undertaken and with a team approach, a strategy for solving your business debt problems will be determined. A free evaluation is offered for those seeking to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

According to the professional legal specialists, “This level of expertise permits us to offer our customers with a complete spectrum of assistance in a cost-effective, streamlined fashion.”

At the professional legal network, the legal staffs are devoted to the consumers’ best interests, and offers unique services and attention, with cost effective rates. As each case is unique, the cost for your individual Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be provided to you upon a review of your situation.

Legal disclaimer – This press release is to give just standard information. Practically nothing contained herein points to legal advice, nor is it designed to offer legal advice. Professional legal network does not make any guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of any information contained in or created through use of any link to another website contained in this website. You should consult a lawyer for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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Land Use Legal requirements:

Professional legal network‘s land use practice boasts some of the leading attorneys in the field, particularly in California. They work with developers throughout the western United States, with a particular emphasis on Northern and Southern California. These networks are experienced in representing clients before city councils and boards of supervisors, planning commissions, coastal commissions, school districts, historic preservation commissions, architectural review boards, water districts, and other agencies. Their attorneys handle all aspects of the entitlement process, including sub-division, permits, plan review, and related issues with a particular sensitivity to the NIMBY factors which dominate affordable housing development at the local level.

Tax Guidance as well as Litigation:

Network’s tax attorneys are experienced in all federal and state tax aspects of affordable housing development with a special emphasis on taxation of partnerships and partners, non-profit organizations, low income housing tax credits, and transfer taxation of real estate. They understand the critical tax nature of the 10% test, compliance with the minimum set-aside, tax credit recapture during the compliance period, deferred developer fees, special allocations of partnership income and loss, tax-exempt status, and property tax abatement. Tax attorneys from the network continually work to develop creative and sound deal structures to address these issues.


Their attorneys routinely advise on the rules and regulations of state housing agencies (such as the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, the California Debt Limitation Allocation Committee, the California Department of Housing and Community Development and the California Board of Equalization) as well as federal agencies such as the IRS and HUD. Such networks have taken a leading role in organizing client responses and shaping public debate regarding proposed regulatory changes that affect affordable housing development. In addition, many administrative policies that affect the development of affordable housing projects are unwritten, and their extensive experience in numerous transactions provides clients with insights not generally available from other practitioners.

Tax-Exempt Organizations:

Professional legal network firm represent many of the most active non-profit developers. They have a substantial practice in the formation of non-profit organizations and in qualifying their exempt status with the IRS and California FTB. With these networks you can get counsel on non-profit clients on issues as diverse as complying with non-profit set-asides, conduct of non-charitable activities, establishing for-profit subsidiaries, minimizing unrelated business taxable income, structuring and monitoring grant making procedures, and complying with California’s property tax exemption requirements.


They work closely with their environmental attorneys in assisting affordable housing clients with environmental risk management strategies, transactional due diligence and negotiations, the regulatory processes attendant to site evaluation and remediation, all aspects of brown field redevelopment, environmental litigation (including cost recovery, administrative and criminal enforcement proceedings), insurance coverage, and Proposition 65 actions. Through this interaction, they help their affordable housing clients deal effectively with a myriad of environmental issues in a satisfactory and cost-efficient manner.

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Professional legal network is actually an identified leader in the area of economical houses. Their legal professionals supply precise legal expert services for all areas of affordable housing expansion, funding, syndication, along with functionality. They have been the lead counsel upon many reasonably priced homes projects priced in the billions of bucks. There in depth practical experience handles dealings in more than 30 states.

Professional legal network USA attorneys provide cross-disciplinary experience in real estate, tax, municipal finance, securities, construction, land use, and governmental law.

They have granted lawyer in constructing, settling and saving, among other things:

1) Joint ventures between developers (for-profit and non-profit) and investors (typically low income housing tax credit investors);

2) Individual activity bond deals among providing authorities, developers, lenders, credit enhancers and investors

3) Joint ventures between for-profit and non-profit enterprises;

4) Regulation contracts among developers and governments entities;

5) Intercreditor agreements among lenders;

6) Disposition and expansion agreements among developers and governmental entities.

This depth of experience allows them to provide their networks clients with a full spectrum of services in a cost-effective, streamlined fashion.

Legal disclaimer – This informative article is to supply just standard facts. Practically nothing contained herein points to legal counsel, nor is it intended to deliver legal advice. Professional legal network does not make any guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of any information contained in or created through use of any link to another website contained in this website. You should consult a lawyer for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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Professional legal network is really a real law firm through numerous offices. They are focused upon helping consumers deal with their debts difficulties. They offer debt resolution services and are employed in professional alliance with most of the nation’s top dependable debt negotiation companies to guide clients as supports for their legal rights.

For many years, large corporate law firms have helped their business clients with their debt issues by providing “financial workouts” with their creditors to allow them to stay in business and work through difficult financial times. Professional legal network firm has created an innovative debt negotiation program to provide consumers with these same types of services and allow you and your family to focus on the important issues in your life. Like a security blanket, they provide all the legal and law-related services you need to resolve your debt.

Whenever potential clients’ contacts, their legal professionals review the consumer’s existing financial circumstances and even tailor a debt resolution strategy, which is unique to their situation. They quickly call your creditors and make them aware to get hold of the network people, as your law office, regarding all problems with your debt. Furthermore, they have legal professionals on staff to defend you from any harassing debt collectors.

Some companies “promise” results and advertise exceptional settlements as commonplace. Professional legal network is different; they make no promises and will not guarantee you they can negotiate your debts to a certain percentage. They are experienced attorneys and trained legal advocates and adhere to the following minimum performance standards.

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Legal disclaimer – This post is to give just standard information. Practically nothing contained herein points to legal advice, nor is it designed to offer legal advice. Professional legal network does not make any guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of any information contained in or created through use of any link to another website contained in this website. You should consult a lawyer for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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For nearly 15 years, professional legal network has litigated on the part of clients involved in real estate controversies and supplies suggestions to men and women related to property deals. Many of the firm’s clients are geographically positioned in or around the southern area of California regions of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, and San Diego.

Property Litigation

Professional legal networks  barristers appreciate offering many skills in the commercial together with residential real-estate lawsuits factors. Clients include property developers, investors, brokerages, property owners, renters, mortgage businesses, title firms, home administration companies, loan providers, homeowner associations, contractors, and businesses. The brilliant legal professionals can easily work your way through or even litigate virtually any kind of real estate property matter.

Acquisitions of any type of residence that clients can purchase for their private or even business needs. Sales of all properties that can be done effortlessly with professional legal network skills and data of the particular market in conjunction with all the appropriate ramifications included. Subdivisions of all properties that were purchased must be accomplished smartly and peacefully so that no challenges arise later on between the parties. Professional Legal Network takes sufficient care to make all the subdivisions in an experienced and amicable fashion in order to avoid any future trouble.

Financing is another area in which professional legal networks are powerful. Clients have not ever experienced any problem with their financing requires as professional legal network manages all. Home foreclosures as well as short sales: Individuals are struggling with major problems in these kinds of areas and professional legal network may be the one answer to all the demands of clients who are struggling with foreclosures or short sale.

Encroachments is normally cared for simply by professional legal network as they simply put their best guys to operate at any time when the stakes are significant and people have encroached the properties of the rightful owners. Boundary disagreements generally are an extended as well as traumatic experience in the courtroom. This is when professional legal network enables you to rest in peace because you do not have to hassle much about the paperwork as well as small things as all aspects are taken care of by seasoned and intense legal professionals.

Lease controversies are strength in which this firm has developed its power. Lease disputes are very intricate since they mean quite a few a variables that may be quite traumatic for a person.

Regardless of the work, be it exploring an industrial real estate property deal for a loan company or joining principals like developers and contractors to resolve a development problem, professional legal network gets results for its clients and speeds projects to completion.

Professional legal network ‘s real estate financial transaction legal professionals negotiate, review, and draft lease contracts, agreements for residential purchase, commercial real estate documents, as well as alliance contracts for local, national, and international clients including:




Commercial and residential consumers



With over fifteen years of practice in all areas of true property law, professional legal network has accrued a formidable community of associations and professional connections and will work on your behalf in order to complete all tasks with professionalism and expertise, whatever the dimensions or perhaps complexness of the project.

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Legal disclaimer – This post is to give just standard information. Practically nothing contained herein points to legal advice, nor is it designed to offer legal advice. Professional legal network does not make any guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of any information contained in or created through use of any link to another website contained in this website. You should consult a lawyer for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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Professional Legal Network is a Professional Legal Debt Settlement Network Firm offering 100% Attorney Based Legal Settlements. Settle your UNSECURED Debt for MUCH less and regain your financial freedom. Specializing in settling unsecured debt over $10,000 only an attorney can legally stop harassing phone calls and letters. Our legal strategies have helped thousands remove the burden of unsecured debt.

Debt settlement involves negotiating with the credit card companies to reduce the total amount of debt that is owed. It is a fairly aggressive approach to credit card debt relief, with some of the advantages being that most consumers are able to significantly lower the amount they owe and, instead of taking up to 20 years or more to pay off the balance, through a traditional debt settlement program they can become debt free in as little as a year. A legal debt settlement client will immediately notice a substantial reduction in their monthly payments compared to what their minimum monthly (usually interest only) payment was with the credit card companies. Legal debt settlement is an excellent debt relief solution for consumers who are in serious credit card debt (usually greater than $10K) and are unable or only able to make the minimum monthly payment and/or have already fallen behind.

How it works (Step by Step)

Professional Legal Network can help you by assisting with creditor calls, reduce credit card debt, lowering the amount of your personal loans, and more. With our legal help you can revise your existing debts to avoid bankruptcy. You will also satisfy your creditors within your budget using a structured Debt Settlement plan.

Step 1: Obtain your Free Quote from a Professional Legal Network Legal Debt Settlement Consultant by filling out our request form for an immediate consultation. Your consultant will assess your financial circumstances and will determine whether you are a candidate for one of Professional Legal Network s debt negotiation program.

Step 2: Once accepted into the program, your will be referred to one of our Debt Settlement Attorneys, who will help you collect the information and documentation we need in order to assist you. Your debt settlement attorney will help you determine an affordable monthly payment, which, after fees, will be put into your own personal, Special Purpose Account, to be set aside for debt settlement purposes.

Step 3: Your Debt Settlement Attorney will assist you in reducing creditor harassment, provide debt consolidation advice, and settle your debts for a lesser amount than you currently owe.

Step 4: Once our Debt Negotiators receive an acceptable, written debt settlement offer from your creditor, we will then send funds from your Special Purpose Account to pay off your creditor. You will then receive written confirmation from your creditor, documenting that your debt has been paid in full. We will repeat this process until all of your creditors have been paid.

Step 5: Once you are free of all debts Professional Legal Network will provide you with advice on remaining debt-free, improving your credit rating and building a financially secure future. We will also pay for the first three cycles of your credit restoration upon completion of the program.

The author writes regularly on legal issues and has been guiding individuals regarding the various organizations that have been working in the legal scenario. To know more about the author and Professional Legal Network  feel free to visit – http://professional20.posterous.com/professional-legal-network-legal-aid-for-trou

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